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Who is Joey Thunder?

Background: From an early age I've wanted to explore and find ways to express myself through as many mediums as possible. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, playing in bands, and making art with friends. That pattern has continued into adulthood. Having toured with various acts around the world as a bassist. Collaborating within companies of various industries as a creative solution. It all comes back to people and collaboration.

Current Location: Enjoying my 30's in the trees of Oregon. IF I go outside, I'm on stage giving talks, hosting drink and draws, drawing in corners of local pubs and coffee shops. That's only if I go outside.

Diet and creative fuel: Running my coffee company, Drowsy Owl Coffee. Traveling. Food. Todd McFarlane toys. Loud, funky bass grooves. Comics. Aggressive dance moves. B-rated horror movies. RPG games. Broken pens found in jacket pockets. Tiny sketch books. Smart friends. Books. Hugs, and obnoxious shrugs.

Weakness: The giant ball of flame that sits in the sky. I struggle with anxiety and am terrified of sleep. I like to think all three of those things are creative fuel.


© Joey Thunder 

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